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Sunday, 19 April 2020

120+ best Boys names start with B with meaning

Boys names start with B

Are you searching for Popular,Unique and latest name for your kid that start with the letter "B" If yes then your are in the right place .Overhere we will provide you the top 120+ best Boys names start with B and with their meaning 2020 and some of the most frequently question asked on this topic on Google,Yahoo! And Bing 
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Boys names start with B
What are good boy names that are started with B?
To provide a good name for a kid is the very fundemental Gift parents gave to their childerns and it is the basic right of a child to get a beautiful name from his/her parents.
If you have thought about this and wondering the best names related to the letter "B" so don't worry over here we will provide you the good boys names start with B and  their meaning too.

1) Baber:
 Famous conqurer

2) Basit:
 It means evidence a friend

3) Bakir:
 A hardworking and generous person

4) Bruno:

5) Baba
it means polite person

6) Bilal
It means the unique

7) Badshah:
Persian ruler, king

8) Burno
 it means having brown clour

9) Berter
Talented, superior, valuable

10) Bugra
Hearted ruler

500+ best Boys names start with B with meaning

1) Baber
famous conqurer

2) Basit.
 It means evidence a friend

 it means obeident

4) Babet
 it means God lover

5) Bathen
It means education lover

6) Bakhita
 It means Gift if God

7) Balian
 it means brave

8) Balthar 
it means popular

9).  Baptist
 enough to understand

10) Barban
 it meabs beautifull

11) Baysal
 Peacefull soul

12) Baysan:
 Wealthy and famous

13) Baysu
Wealthy and valuable like water

14) Baytal
It means great leader 

15) Baytas:
 Anyone serving a brain

16) Bedir
 Fourteenth of the month, full moon

17) Behram:
 Star of Merih

18) Beka
Permanent, immortal

19) Bakir:
 A hardworking and generous person who wont get up early in the morning

20) Bektas:
 It means Very solid

21) Belke
It means Gift,

22) Belger
The ones that are chosen among the similar ones are different.

23) Bera:
 A superior virtuous person with knowledge and wisdom, virtue

24) Beran:
 Far from evil, righteous

25) Berat
Award certificate

26) Bery
The brightest and brightest moon

27) Berdan:
 Abandoning, freeing

28) Bern
It means Strong

29) Berge
 It means work lover

30) Berhan:
It means on the fire

31) Berk
It means Dragon

32) Berkan
It means Shine

33) Berkay
It means Light moon

34) Berkel:
It means Valiant, strong

35) Berker:
It means Strong, strong personality

36) Berkin
It means Sturdy strong

37) Berkol
Be strong, be strong

38) Bersan
A person who accepts and certifies a prophet's religion and book

39) Bertan
The earliest fruit of the morning, dawn

40) Berter:
 Talented, superior, valuable

41) Berzan

42) Besim

43.  Bashir:
 the herald who brought the gospel

44) Beyrek
One who is very kind, gentleman

45) Bilal: Wetting like water, wetting, wetness

46) Bilkan:

47) Birhan:
 The only ruler

48) Birkan:
It means Noble

49) Bisar
Gold, silver-embroidered valuables

50) Bora:
 Severe storm

51) Boran:
 Heavy winds that bring rain afterwards

52) Boransu
 The storm sooner, soldier

53) Borga
It means Judge

54) Botain
A tributary of the Tigris River

55) Bugra:
It means  Hearted ruler

56) Bumin
It means Owl, eagle owl

57.  Burak:
The name given to the legendary horse
 Mohammedin boarded in Mirac

58) Burhan
It means Evidence, evidence

59) Burkay
It means Hurt nobody

60) Burla
It means black with white face like the moon

61) Bulent
It means brave

62) Baal  
It means Master, Lord

63) Babak 
It means Book of Kings

64) Babylon
the 'Gate of God' 

65) Bacary  
It means French Noble's promise

66) Bachodur
It means  The Strong

It means Persian ruler, king

68) Bahadir 
It means The brave one

69) Bahati 
It means Happiness

70) Bahattin 
The important thing about religion

71) Bahir 
It means shiny

72) Bahram
It means Persian, the Winner

73) Bahri 
It means from the river

74) Bailong 
It means White Dragl

75) Baker  
It means male first name

76) Baldar
It means holy kings

77) Balder
 it means Genius

78) Baldur
 It means smart

79) Balthazar.
It means God protects the king'.

80) Basilia.
that belongs to the king'.

81) Berengar.
It means Smart

82) Barnabas
son of the prophet

83) Bernadette.
She who is strong

84) Bernard.
It means strong bear.

It means good

86) Brigitte.
It means strength' 

87) Bastian
It means 'honest'.

90) Benedict 
It means well said

91) Benjamin.  
It means 'son of my pain' 

92) Bertin.
 It means brilliant

93) Bertran.
It means 'illustrious deer

94) Borja.
 It means Alluring sound

95) Boris
It means warrior

96) Bosco
It means Smart

97) Bruno
It means Intelligent 

98) Brandon 
It means beautiful fortune 

99) Baba:
 it means polite person

100) Babou:
 it means very humble

101) Bacary
 it means young camel

102) Bacem
 it means thankfull

104) Bachar 
it means a person having full of joys

105) Badi
 it means too much loving 

106) Badie 
it means obident

107) Badr 
it means full moon 

108) Ben 
it means mountain peek

109) Benjamin 
it means right hand son

110) Benedict
 it means blessing 

111) Bruno
 it means having brown clour

112) Bjorn 
it means the bear

113) Bernd
it means popular

114) Bjarne :
 it means intelligent

115) Bilal
It means the unique

116) Boss:
It means legend

117) Bern:
it means smart

118) Bonzo:
it means powerfull

119) Benree:
A critical person

120) Bennet:
it means blessed 

What is unique name for a boy?
To find unique name for a kid means to provide frist Gift to the kid check out the top 5 most and unique names for boys 2020

1) Bilal
Famous conqurer

2) Behram
Visionary leader

3) Baber
It means the unique

4) Basit
It means evidence a friend

Unique girl name start with B
Having unique name means having tons of blessing and happiness have you find that? If no don't worry check out the top 5 unique girls name start with B

1) Benish

2) Balli

3) Banty

4) Bisbah

5) Bilkies

Atlast we hope that you have found a beautiful,popular and unique boys names  start with letter "B" and with that  meaning and this list make your biggest problem to be solved. If you are not selfish than please share their article on different platforms because of tha some one else will also solve his problem.please check out the following links too get better boys,girls and pets name.

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