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Friday, 3 April 2020

50+unique French names for boys|Thepopularnames

French names for boys


Are you looking for unique,popular ans trendy  French names for baby  boys  with a unique meaning so here are Top 50+ French names for boys 2020.

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How to choose names for your kid

Future parents are all faced with the same problem: which first name to choose for their child? To make it easier for you, Parents has produced its top 50 of the most popular french names for boys  Rare, original, trendy ... There is no shortage of male names for your baby! Once the little name has been found, click on its card to deepen your search. Origin, meaning, etymology, profile ... We tell you everything about the boy's name selected.
Congratulations, it's a boy! Future happy parents of this new little man, what male name will you be able to find him? Some people choose to baptize their baby with a classic like Pierre, Paul or Jules, never out of date. Others fall for very 2019 names such as Enzo, Gabin or even Sacha, not to mention the names chosen for their sound or their origin here  Discover all our ideas and selections for unusual or trendy first names.Whether rare and original like Lilio or popular like Hugo or Raphaël, each boy's name has its meaning and beauty: all that remains is to know which one will go to your future .Choose the prettiest names for your boy from our list of ideas. Browse hundreds of boy names and narrow down by search criteria. Length, popularity, trend and origin of first names to accompany you in this very important moment! For you future parents, we have created lists of boy first name ideas. Do you like a first name? By clicking on a first name you will discover its etymology and meaning. Fashionable male names are often old and short. This is what appears in this top little names for boys. To name their child, most parents are tempted by names with secular origins - Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc. - of which they sometimes ignore everything. This is the case of Gabriel, on the first step of the podium, from Hebrew terms. In this classification, some first names appeared in France recently point the tip of their nose nevertheless ... In addition, the moms and the dads residing on the French soil are conquered by the short names, easier and faster to pronounce. Like Tom, diminutive become first name. Here is a charts which could help you in your choice for the baby are list of the French names for boys check it out.


Top 50+ French names for boys 2020
This list of ,French names for boys acclaimed by parents living in France. Among them, old names, short, but not only ... Discover this classification, which may give you ideas for baptizing your baby!

# s/nNamesMeaning
1GabrielGod is my strength
2RaphaelGod heal
4Louispopular warrior
5LucasA man from lucan
6Adamto be red
13Nathanhe gave
14Gabinof Gabium
19TheoDivine Gift
20GabrielGod is my strength
22RaphaelGod heals
24Adamto be red
26SuhaibBrownish skin
29Eloithe chosen
32Matthiasgift of God
34Balthazarthe King
35IbrahimaHigh Father
37RafaelGod has healed
40Mohammedto praise
45YohanGod is merciful
47Ousmaneyoung snake
48Georgestiller of the soil
49RaphaelGod heal

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